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Ter, 02/04/13

I had felt I knew everything and now realised I knew nothing. More importantly, everything I had learned or assimilated from my parents I now regarded as unreliable, and needing to be rethought from scratch. In fact, I probably went further - I felt that
everything my parents believed was by definition wrong, and that if I ever found myself in agreement with my parents I should immediately recant. Everything from my father's 'Neither a borrower nor a lender be', to my mother's 'Blue and green should never be seen' needed to be jettisoned. But in a way what they said wasn't the problem: what I was most worried about was the attitudes, prejudices, beliefs, I might have picked up from them subconsciously or before I was old enough even to know what I was learning. Effectively, I had to question everything I believed, and never accept my own instincts. It required constant vigilance; it was intellectually exhausting.

An Education, Lynn Barber

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