: Nessie @ 22:48

Seg, 01/10/12


Well my smile is wider than yours when we meet
And the winter is colder for me underneath
And I know that you glow from the inside out
You can keep it for yourself and I'll go without

You are the fire and I'm the chimney
You'll burn away and I'll choke on your memory
All the words, my sense, you're the poet to my pen
You're the dream that brings the morning sadness
Start the day storm in my head

You're Oscar Wilde's short stories in my bookcase
You're Positively 4th Street isolated in my itunes
You're the word in the dictionary that I can't spell
Can't describe, can't put in a sentence but use all the time.

das letras que mexem comigo.

tune: ivory road - king charles

quote de descrição do blog: últimas palavras de François Rabelais, segundo o livro Looking for Alaska (John Green) imagem do cabeçalho via catfromjapan.tumblr.com
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